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Survey results

13 Feb: Survey Says… our customers love the SafeSump!

The Pilot Project has come to its completion, and we have completed evaluating the feedback provided by the participants. We ended up with a near perfect satisfaction rate (well, 98.5% to be exact), and so many of the customers left amazing comments, about how much they love the system, and…


10 Jan: The Pilot Project in the News

Collingwood “Smart” Stormwater Technology Pilot – mentioned by OSWCA – Ontario Sewer & Watermain Construction Association I especially like the quote “They’ve made Collingwood a technological hub when it comes to the way water moves.” This is exactly what Town of Collingwood is trying to do! Congrats to all and thanks for letting us be…


20 Aug: Mayor Saunderson and R. Mark Palmer speaking about Collingwood Pilot Project to full house at AMO Conference

Congratulations to the Honourable Brian Saunderson, Mayor of the Town of Collingwood and R. Mark Palmer President of Greenland Consulting Engineers and Greenland Technologies Group, for a full house during their presentation showcasing the Collingwood Pilot Project, and forward-thinking water technology, during the Association of Municipalities in Ontario Conference in Ottawa.


25 Apr: The vision to attract the best talent…

“Years ago (when I heard this message below), I never could imagine that perhaps this famous quote about seeking new talent could also one day register for the GREENLAND Group – “Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come…

Survey results

12 Apr: Survey Results are in: 100% of our customers think that the SafeSump is helping reduce the chance of basement flooding!

Earlier this year a survey was conducted as part of the Collingwood Smart Stormwater Pilot Project – and 100% of those participants who received a SafeSump agree with the statement that it is reducing the chance of basement flooding. Check here to see more results: