These 6 core features provide you with a failsafe sump sump system a.k.a the patented SafeSump™ (US Patent 10,634,146). We specifically designed every component to keep water out of your basement and stress out of your life. That’s our ultimate goal.
You can finally take a breath and let go of all your sump pump worries.

Cloud Control Panel

The SafeSump™ constantly updates our secure cloud control panel that you can view from anywhere, telling you what’s going on with your pump and, if there’s a problem, how to fix it. Access is free with the purchase of a SafeSump™ system. Consider this a real-time snap shot of your sump pump’s health. No more guessing about how your pump is running and the level of water in your sump pit.

Real-time Alerts

If a situation occurs such as a power outage, our systems will detect that your SafeSump™ has gone offline and will alert you. This message will tell you when the power went out and your remaining back-up battery life based on the current flow of water. If any other issues occur with the pump a message will also be sent.

You can also set up additional users to receive critical messages if you are out of town such as neighbors or friends close by.

Two Pumps & A Custom Controller

No more pump failure anxiety. If the primary pump fails, the controller will seamlessly switch to one of the backup pumps; you can replace the primary pump at your leisure. Since we’ve designed both the hardware and software of the SafeSump™ system, you can expect flawless integration and a stress free sump pump experience.

Sonar Water Sensor

Conventional sump pumps have float switches that turn the pump on and off. The problem with this is frayed wires and sunken floats can cause your sump pump to fail and your basement to flood.

Instead of faulty mechanical floats, the SafeSump™ uses a beam of sound to accurately detect the water level on a continual basis. Sounds can’t sink, and there’s no moving parts to break.

Variable Speed Pump

Conventional sump pumps just turn on every 5 minutes or so at full speed, then shut off. This makes a huge amount of noise, creates unnecessary wear and tear, risks burnout and can allow water to freeze in the pipes. Instead, our proprietary technology adapts to the incoming water speed. In normal conditions, the pump never even cycles, using information from the sensor, it runs continuously at the lowest possible speed to keep your water level constant.

Battery Backup

Connect any standard 12v battery to the SafeSump™ and get up to 20-40 hours on battery backup.* Our custom-designed smart charger carefully coddles your battery to get the maximum life out of it.

When your battery kicks in you will receive a message so you are always aware of what’s going on, regardless of where you are. Check your dashboard to see your pump status and remaining battery life.

Autonomous Operation

All the features outlined above work flawlessly behind the scenes. We’ve even programmed the pump to react in real-time to potential threats. For example, if the SafeSump™ senses that your pipe is jammed (such as a build up of ice) it will pulse the water flow to clear the line. A number of included sensors and our software integration means your basement stays dry without you worrying.

Completely Secure

We take security very seriously. Everything from the server to the pump to the WiFi connection, has been carefully considered with security in mind. We know this is as important to you as it is to us.
All SafeSump™ data is secured with industry standard AES encryption, trusted by banks and the highest levels of government.


We understand home ownership can frustrating when you have a basement with a sump pit. All to many of us have experienced the horrific event of coming home to a failed sump pump. Our main goal is to reduce the stress and risk associated with having one in your home. This means continual peace of mind all year round.
Join the revolution and experience the SafeSump™ difference today.
Less Stress
Travel Worry-Free
24/7 Monitoring
No More Suprises