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Say Goodbye to Sump Pump Surprises

The most reliable sump pump system ever created

Welcome to the SafeSump™ (USPTO Patent 10,634,146) . Our mission is to stop the pandemic of basement floods across Canada due to faulty and out-dated sump pumps. We’ve revolutionized the conventional sump pump system and take an entirely new approach to keeping water out of your basement. This means lower risk and you’ll never be surprised by a failed sump pump again.

If you have a sump and you want to fix the Achilles heel of your home, you’ve come to the right place.

Cloud Control Panel

The SafeSump™ constantly updates our secure cloud control panel that you can view from anywhere, telling you what’s going on with your pump and, if there’s a problem, how to fix it.

Real-time Alerts

If a situation occurs such as a power outage, our systems will detect that your SafeSump™ has gone offline and will alert you. Real-time alerts keep you up-to-date with relevant risks in real-time. No more surprises.

Two Pumps & A Controller

No more pump failure anxiety. If the primary pump fails, the controller will seamlessly switch to the backup pump. Our two pumps and included software take care of everything.

Sonar Water Sensor

The SafeSump™ uses a beam of sound to accurately detect the water level on a continual basis. Sounds can’t sink, and there’s no moving parts to break. Expect better accuracy and longevity as a result.

Variable Speed Pump

Our pump adapts to the incoming water speed on a continually. No more loud noises and mechanical failures from normal pumps. 

Battery Backup

Connect any standard 12v battery to the SafeSump™ and get up to 20-40 hours on battery backup.* You finally have a stress-free plan when the power goes out.

Autonomous Operation

All the features outlined above work flawlessly behind the scenes. The SafeSump™ always reacts to potential threats in real-time.

Completely Secure

Security is important to everyone. All SafeSump™ data is secured with industry standard AES encryption, trusted by banks and the highest levels of government.

What to Expect

A Dry Basement

Our SafeSump™ System comes with a full set of features specifically designed to keep water out of your basement. Our custom controller is monitoring your sump pit 24/7 and will immediatley notify you if something goes wrong.

Seamless Integration

Once your SafeSump™ is installed we’ll walk you through how to install and connect the app. You’ll be up and running in minutes. Our goal is to make this a painless transition for you.

Complete Security

All of the data we collect is secured with industry standard AES encryption, trusted by banks and the highest levels of government. We’re committed to always keeping our system up to date with latest security standards.

Premier Service

If you have any questions pre or post purchase please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to answer them. We’re excited to share how we can help prevent a flooded basement in your home.

Our Story
    ‘I thought to myself that there just has to be a better way’. Growing up, I watched my dad, again and again, crouched down on the concrete floor, working on our basement sump pit. Trying to quiet down noisy rattles. Replacing yet another dead battery, worn pump or trying out another loud water alarm.
Despite all that effort, he never really had peace of mind when we were away, especially on vacation. I saw the results of sump pump failures firsthand when our neighbours’ home flooded while they were on vacation in Florida. And I heard the numerous stories involving other homes, in our region and further away, how they had flooded, or how close they had come to ending up with two feet of water in their basements.
I was surprised by statistics about the average price tag to remedy basement flooding and how often it is not covered by insurance even though homeowners mistakenly believe that it is. And I was even more amazed that we were still using old-fashioned and failure prone mechanics in light of such staggering financial and emotional cost.
Passionate about electronics and programming, I set out to design a better sump pump system. One that would allow homeowners to log in from their phone or tablet and obtain information on how their sump pump system is running; that would alert them to issues, but more than that, be able to tell them how many hours their backup can keep running in case of a hydro failure; the number of hours their pump has run and if it may be coming close to its expected end of life; if their battery is holding a charge and if there may be a blockage in the line. And even more than that, one that would not include mechanical floats that are prone to failure, but use the most advanced in digital sensor technology instead; and one that would contain sophisticated programming to run quietly, and autonomously react to anything unusual.
It has taken more than two years, many versions and lots of testing, but together as a family we have now reached the milestone of our first large pilot project. From here, we expect the Safe sump to be available for sale later this fall.
Co-Founder, SafeSump Inc.
Protect Your Basement Now
Issues that motivate us
These are the issues we are trying to solve and the main reasons why we exist as a company.  They also motivate us every day to continue helping homeowners across the country who face expensive and inconvenient sump pump problems.
Growth in Canadian water damage insurance claims from 2000-2010.
50% of total insurance claims are from water damage.
Canadian insurers face $1.7 billion in water damage claim costs annually.
The average flooded basement costs $30,000 to repair.
24/7 Monitoring = 24/7 Peace of Mind

Regardless of where you are in the world your SafeSump™ is working to keep water out of your basement. You will always be notified of any issues so you’ll have time to prepare without being caught off guard.  This means you never have to worry about leaving your home and coming back to a sump pump failure (i.e. flooded basement). A seamless integration into your busy life is what can expect.

Be a part of our journey helping to reduce the risk of flooded basements across Canada. Share your story and help contribute to the solution. The goal of keeping our basements dry is something that units us all.